Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Korean Dictionary the New Standard!

Jeyseon Lee and Kangjin Lee's Korean Standard Dictionary has received a wonderful review from the Midwest Book Review! They were featured in the February issue of "Reviewer's Bookwatch" available at

Jeyseon Lee and Kangjin Lee’s Korean Standard Dictionary is another example of Hippocrene Book’s commitment to no-nonsense guides for beginning and intermediate users. The authors have chosen some 20,000 common entries that do not require exhaustive definitions. Their usage examples are practical without being cumbersome. At just under 400 pages this dictionary is ideal for English-speaking travelers wandering the streets of South Korea or Korean speakers on a trip to America. The Korean-English half of the dictionary prints Korean in the original hanguel alphabet and Romanized; the English-Korean section follows suit. A pronunciation and writing guide is also provided. Any dictionary for beginners must be useful. Hippocrene’s Korean Standard Dictionary is an example of how to get that right. -- David Bannon

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