Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Editions of Popular Chinese Study Guides!

For students studying Chinese and looking for new materials beyond their textbook, we have two updated releases which are profoundly useful: Concise Chinese-English Usage Dictionary and Dictionary of 1,000 Chinese Proverbs: Revised Edition. Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, with over two billion speakers worldwide. These books provide informative material that will enrich the student's knowledge of Chinese.

The updated Concise Chinese-English Usage Dictionary by Yong Ho now incorporates new words and usage changes which have occurred in the language since the original (Chinese-English Frequency Dictionary) was published, ten years ago. The dictionary is listed with the pinyin transcription (pronunciation), English translation, and examples of its usage within common Chinese words and phrases. In addition, there are also two indices which list the 500 characters in order of frequency and stroke count. It is meant to serve as a concise dictionary and a study guide, making it helpful for both advanced and beginning students. It is presented in a way that is easy for students to understand recall the characters’ unique spread in meaning by seeing how they are most often used to build Chinese words.

The new edition of Dictionary of 1,000 Chinese Proverbs by Marjorie Lin and Schalk Leonard now includes simplified and traditional character renderings of each proverb, a new introduction from the authors, an English index of key terms, and a key of Chinese characters. This book is a valuable tool for students interested in mastering the Chinese language, as recognizing these common sayings will aid in fluency. A compilation of 1,000 of the most popular Mandarin proverbs are organized alphabetically in pinyin order into English. A knowledge of common sayings will aid in fluency. One can learn proverbs such as:

Man does not see his own ugliness, and horses are unaware of the length of their heads,’ and

Success is three parts genius and seven parts hard work.’

These great assets are available in bookstores, as well as online through our website, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Polish Heritage Month

October is Polish-American Heritage month! Polish Heritage Month was first founded back in 1981 in order to celebrate Polish history, culture and pride, and we’re excited to mark the celebrations this year with our wide selection of new and classic Polish interest titles. We’ve always had a strong Polish-interest publishing program here at Hippocrene, stemming from the background and history of our founder, George Blagowidow. Mr. Blagowidow is a native Pole who came to America after the war, and has always maintained strong ties with Polish language and culture – in fact, the very first cookbook in our catalog was The Polish Country Kitchen Cookbook! There’s sure to be something for everyone to enjoy with these books out this fall.

The Polish Country Kitchen Cookbook by beloved Polish-American author Sophie Hodorowicz Knab is now updated and available in paperback! Arranged according to the cycle of seasons, this popular cookbook includes more than 100 delicious, traditional recipes, and is peppered with pearls of practical wisdom as well as charming illustrations by Elliott Hutten.

Adam Zamoyski’s Poland: A History expands on his previous work The Polish Way, and traces Poland’s complex development from the Middle Ages to present day, examining the country’s political, economic, and military struggles, as well as its culture throughout the ages. The events of the last twenty years and the growth of the independent Polish state have allowed Zamoyski to look at Poland’s past with a fresh eye, bringing the major events and characters in its history to life. 

Forgotten Holocaust, a classic of World War II literature by, has also been revised and updated. The third edition includes a new preface by author Richard C. Lukas, and foreword by Norman Davies, as well as a short history of ZEGOTA, the underground government organization working to save the Jews. It also features an annotated listing of the many Poles executed by the Germans for trying to shelter Jews during the War.

Lastly, we have Wanda Półtawska’s And I Am Afraid of My Dreams. In February 1941, Wanda was arrested by the Gestapo in Nazi-occupied Poland. She was nineteen years old. Charged with aiding and abetting the resistance movement, she was sent to the notorious Ravensbrück concentration camp. Her powerful memoir is an enduring testament to the courage of the human spirit. 

These Polish Titles are also available:



All these titles are available in bookstores, as well as online through our website, Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. We hope you celebrate your Polish heritage with others, and maybe with some bigos and a pierogi or two!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Introduction to Russian-English Translation

What does it take to translate a Russian tome like Anna Karenina or Crime & Punishment? What does it take to translate something less daunting, maybe one of Gogol's short stories? Or just a Russian newspaper article? A basic conversation?

Indeed, English and Russian are two of the most widely-spoken and read languages in the world, but that doesn't mean turning complex Russian into equally rich and descriptive English is something a speaker and reader of both can do without difficulty.

That's where Natalia Strelkova's Introduction to Russian-English Translation comes in. Over the span of seven chapters, the author, who has been bilingual since childhood and taught Russian and translation in the U.S. and Moscow, breaks down the basics and complexities of translating and editing Russian.

You'll find countless examples of literary, journalistic, and conversational idioms and phrasing, as well as practice texts that will help you test your progress and understanding of translation from Russian to English.

This helpful guide is available in bookstores, as well as online through our website, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Release: Cantonese Dictionary & Phrasebook

Although its total number of speakers (60 million) is merely a fraction of its behemoth sibling's, Mandarin (1025 million), Cantonese is still one of the world's most widely-spoken languages. It is an official language in Hong Kong and Macau, as well as a dominant dialect in the Guangdong province of China. It may not have the numbers that Mandarin claims, but Cantonese is nonetheless a major player in south China and among Chinese living abroad.

So where exactly does Cantonese pop up? Seemingly everywhere, if you're reading street signs, newspapers, or novels in Hong Kong. Maybe you're watching a Chinese film or listening to popular Chinese music. More often than not, these Chinese entertainment offerings will have also come out of Hong Kong, spreading spoken Cantonese to viewers and listeners across the globe.

Our new Cantonese Dictionary & Phrasebook serves as an indispensable reference for travelers, businesspeople, students, or anyone else interested in this notable language. Despite their similarities, Cantonese is not mutually intelligible with  Mandarin—it has a writing system all its own and uses characters not generally understood by non-Cantonese speakers.

So we've provided an easy-to-use guide that directs you through grammar and pronunciation. The phrasebook, along with the 4,000 dictionary entries, includes Cantonese characters and intuitive phonetics.

Get the most out of your trip with the newest Cantonese resource available! Pick it up at your local bookstore or purchase through our website, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Persian and Albanian Join Beginner's Series

We're always seeking new languages for our Beginner's series, so we're happily ushering in two: Beginner's Albanian and Beginner's Persian, both accompanied by two audio CDs. With the audio, you can follow along in the books as native speakers run through dialogues at two different paces, as well as demonstrate pronunciation of vocabulary and expressions. Some exercises require the CD, which tests listening comprehension.

Beginner's Persian provides a great introduction to Farsi Persian, the official language of Iran and a widely-spoken tongue throughout the rest of the Middle East and Central Asia. Author Mohammed Mehdi Khorammi currently teaches Persian language and literature at New York University, and has put his years of classroom experience towards a carefully-structured textbook that truly works for students.

And while the language can often prove difficult because of script-reading and writing, we provide a guide specific to honing these skills. That pairs with the ten lessons of dialogues, vocabulary, grammar, and exercises, as well as glossaries and a history of the language.

It is also available for purchase in bookstores, on our website, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

Beginner's Albanian by Anila Mayhew uses similarly detailed methods to introduce the official language of Albania and Kosovo. Today, 5.8 million people worldwide speak Albanian, even though teaching it was a forbidden practice under the Ottoman Empire. Combining two dialects, Gheg and Tosk, modern standard Albanian serves as a testament to the fortitude and history of the Albanian people.

An introduction to this history and culture opens the book, which goes on to include thirteen lessons of dialogues, vocabulary, and expressions, as well as glossaries, exercises, and pronunciation guides.

 You can find this title at your local bookstore, on our website, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Updated Logo and Bulgarian Dictionary & Phrasebook

Two great things happening today: we're sharing our updated Hippocrene logo and the new Bulgarian Dictionary & Phrasebook that is now in stock!

Our original logo was inspired by our namesake, the Hippocrene fountain of Greek mythology that sprang forth when Pegasus' hooves hit the ground, and was hand-drawn back in 1971. After just celebrating our 40th year as an independent publisher (no small feat these days!) we decided to update our logo. The elegant redesign by Brittany Hince uses the blue of the water, and we hope to use for the next 40 years!

Bulgarian Dictionary & Phrasebook by Michaela Burilkovova is our newest addition to our growing "D&P" series. Bulgarian is used worldwide by a community of over nine million speakers, and is the originating language of the Cyrillic alphabet. Travelers, students, and business-people will have a concise dictionary and wealth of practical phrases at their disposal. Both the Cyrillic alphabet and Romanization are used so that you can translate signs and documents, if needed.

In addition, readers are provided with basic grammar and pronunciation guides, a short history of Bulgaria, and appendices for numbers and measurements.

Available at your local bookstore, and online at Amazon and our website!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lublin: Historic Gem of East Poland

We’re excited to have a travel-related post today from one of our new interns, Robert:

Dzień dobry! Witam serdecznie w Polsce! (Good day! I warmly welcome you to Poland!) Today I invite you to come with me on a day’s journey through one of Poland’s oldest and historical cities: Lublin. The earliest historical records place Lublin on the map as early as the 8th century. It is located in the southeastern region of Poland, and is the largest city in eastern Poland. It was used as a major military and trading center from the 10th to the 12th centuries.

Lublin's Cracow Gate 

Co można tam zobaczyć? (What can you see there?) Lublin is filled with museums (muzea), castles (zamki), restaurants (restauracje) and history. If you are looking to get away and visit a place that offers a rich cultural history, as well as a folksy hometown feel, then Lublin is the perfect destination. The town offers a culturally unique ambiance and an active art, music and nightclub scene due its large student population. Cracow Gate surrounding the majestic Old Town (Stary Miasto) is a well known symbol of the city’s storied past. It was used as a fortification system in the 14th century and now serves as the main passage way between the Old Town and newer city. 

The Royal Castle of Lublin, now home to a museum.

Old Town is dotted with outside bars beckoning travelers to rest from walking and sightseeing and to enjoy a drink of fresh country raspberry, apple or blueberry juice and delicious Polish beers. The Royal Castle (Zamek Królewski) is also a must-see if you visit. The castle is the landmark of Lublin, founded and fortified roughly around the 8th century. The castle, along with the bridge connecting it to the Old Town and the parks around it are known as Castle Hill. The Castle has an art museum in its basement surrounded by what used to be a medieval prison and torture chamber. Visitors can visit the castle and wonder at the preserved living conditions from the 8th century.

Visitors can enjoy the quiet countryside just outside the city.

My memories of Lublin are filled with majestic sights. I especially loved walking the warm summer nights filled with people talking and laughing and street musicians lighting up the air with folk music throughout the Old Town. Sitting down for a drink at the rynek (marketplace) and listening to the music and bustling city enveloping you is the best way to become a local. Stopping by Złoty Osioł (Golden Donkey) restaurant is a must for any traveler wishing to try authentic Polish cuisine in a warm and inviting old stone enclave. The restaurant is located on the cobblestone path between the Zamek Królewski (Royal Castle) and the heart of Old Town. Eating the native Polish cuisine is an experience in itself! After a day of sightseeing, nothing is better than to sit down to tender chicken or beef cutlets (kotlet schabowy) smothered in onion and garlic gravy.

Side dishes usually include bright and refreshing cabbage salads mixed with carrots, beets, pickles, cucumbers, radishes, and, of course, potato pancakes. Travelers can also sample hearty sour cream and onion salads, a variety of soups including rich and luxurious goulash, reviving deep red borsch, and warm pierogi filled with everything from fruit to cheese and mushrooms. Bigos is another popular local and national dish, a stew of sausage, cabbage, tomatoes, pepper and carrots that mix together in a satisfying, spicy blend. And of course, all of this must be enjoyed with the best Polish beers: Tyskie, Warka, Żywiec, Okocim, and the delicious beer made in Lublin, Perła!

Here are some phrases to help you get started:

How do I get to …?
Jak dostać się do...

     Cracow Gate
     Brama Krakowska

     The Royal Castle
     Zamek Krulewski

     The Golden Donkey
     Zloty Osiol

     Old Town                              
     Stary Miasto

Is the museum / gallery free?
Czy muzeum / galeria darmo?

How much are tickets?
Ile kosztują bilety?

I’d like to order …
Chcialbym zamowic ...

     Beef Cutlet
     Kotlet schabowy

     Pierogi (dumplings)

     Bigos (sausage and vegetable stew)

     Borscht (beet soup)

     Goulash (spicy beef stew)

What beer do you recommend?
Jakie piwo polecacie?

Learn more about Hippocrene’s Polish Dictionary and Phrasebook!

It’s also available at your local bookstore, and online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Dictionary of 1,000 Chinese Idioms

We're pleased to announce that Dictionary of 1,000 Chinese Idioms: Revised Edition is now in stock! In this new edition, each entry has both traditional simplified Chinese characters, pinyin transliterations with tone marks, and a new introduction by the authors.

Four-character idioms, or chengyu, are a unique part of the Chinese language, and many incorporate value and myths that have been a part of Chinese culture for over 3,000 years. The revised edition selects the 1,000 most frequently used idioms, and arranges them alphabetically by their pinyin pronunciation. It is a vital book for any student of Chinese who wishes to understand the important nuances of meaning that pervade the language and the culture. 

Marjorie Lin is a graduate of Providence University in Taichung, Taiwan and works as a professional Chinese-English translator. Schalk Leonard is a professional Chinese-English translator. They reside in the Pacific Northwest.

Available on our website, Amazon.com, and at your local bookstore!