Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Persian and Albanian Join Beginner's Series

We're always seeking new languages for our Beginner's series, so we're happily ushering in two: Beginner's Albanian and Beginner's Persian, both accompanied by two audio CDs. With the audio, you can follow along in the books as native speakers run through dialogues at two different paces, as well as demonstrate pronunciation of vocabulary and expressions. Some exercises require the CD, which tests listening comprehension.

Beginner's Persian provides a great introduction to Farsi Persian, the official language of Iran and a widely-spoken tongue throughout the rest of the Middle East and Central Asia. Author Mohammed Mehdi Khorammi currently teaches Persian language and literature at New York University, and has put his years of classroom experience towards a carefully-structured textbook that truly works for students.

And while the language can often prove difficult because of script-reading and writing, we provide a guide specific to honing these skills. That pairs with the ten lessons of dialogues, vocabulary, grammar, and exercises, as well as glossaries and a history of the language.

It is also available for purchase in bookstores, on our website, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

Beginner's Albanian by Anila Mayhew uses similarly detailed methods to introduce the official language of Albania and Kosovo. Today, 5.8 million people worldwide speak Albanian, even though teaching it was a forbidden practice under the Ottoman Empire. Combining two dialects, Gheg and Tosk, modern standard Albanian serves as a testament to the fortitude and history of the Albanian people.

An introduction to this history and culture opens the book, which goes on to include thirteen lessons of dialogues, vocabulary, and expressions, as well as glossaries, exercises, and pronunciation guides.

 You can find this title at your local bookstore, on our website, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

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