Monday, April 2, 2012

Updated Logo and Bulgarian Dictionary & Phrasebook

Two great things happening today: we're sharing our updated Hippocrene logo and the new Bulgarian Dictionary & Phrasebook that is now in stock!

Our original logo was inspired by our namesake, the Hippocrene fountain of Greek mythology that sprang forth when Pegasus' hooves hit the ground, and was hand-drawn back in 1971. After just celebrating our 40th year as an independent publisher (no small feat these days!) we decided to update our logo. The elegant redesign by Brittany Hince uses the blue of the water, and we hope to use for the next 40 years!

Bulgarian Dictionary & Phrasebook by Michaela Burilkovova is our newest addition to our growing "D&P" series. Bulgarian is used worldwide by a community of over nine million speakers, and is the originating language of the Cyrillic alphabet. Travelers, students, and business-people will have a concise dictionary and wealth of practical phrases at their disposal. Both the Cyrillic alphabet and Romanization are used so that you can translate signs and documents, if needed.

In addition, readers are provided with basic grammar and pronunciation guides, a short history of Bulgaria, and appendices for numbers and measurements.

Available at your local bookstore, and online at Amazon and our website!

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